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Some participants at Yuga Labs' ApeFest event have raised concerns regarding eye discomfort and vision impairment, alleging that these issues stem from inadequate lighting conditions.

ApeFest Attendees in Hong Kong Experience 'Extreme Pain' and Vision Issues (2)

Nov 09
Subsequently, on 26 October, it came to light that the contractor responsible for the event's lighting had used a series of Philips TUV 30W G30 T8 light bulbs. According to information available on Philips' website, these bulbs emit 12 watts of UV-C radiation, primarily utilised for surface disinfection. The reported symptoms in both cases align with a condition known as photokeratitis, often referred to as "Welder's eye." This condition results from prolonged exposure to exceptionally high levels of UV radiation, typically emanating from artificial sources such as welding lamps. However, it can also occur due to natural sunlight reflecting off intensely bright surfaces, a condition commonly recognised as snow blindness. One user warned that those who got their eyes burned at the ApeFest event needs to seek medical attention. At the time of writing, there has been no news from Yuga Labs with regard to this incident, just a post thanking everyone.
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